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I have read and understand the DATA PROTECTION (JERSEY) LAW 2018 NOTIFICATION CLAUSE

The information you have provided on this form will be used to process your application and administer your account. It will be held securely and used in connection with your application. Your email may also be used to send promotional material and invitations from Randalls and Vins Direct.
I confirm that the particulars given in this form are true and correct and I undertake to notify you of any change in my circumstances. I agree that Randalls Limited and its associated companies may make any enquiries necessary in order to verify this information and disclose any relevant information I have provided to any organisation that may need it to process my application, including credit checks, bank or trade references I am aware that Randalls Limited or its associated companies will create and maintain computer and paper records on me and that these records will be processed within the guidelines of Data Protection (Jersey) Act 2018 and may be used for managing your accounts both internally within Randalls Limited and subsidiary companies and to external organisations/ bodies.
For details of our privacy statement, please look on our website : Notice

I have read and understand the FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

In the case of a limited company (“The Company”), the directors are asked to sign the following guarantee;
I/We hereby guarantee the punctual payment by the Company of all sums payable under this credit account as and when they become due and agree that in the event of the Company failing promptly to pay any such sums I/we shall pay the same when called upon to do so. And I/we further agree that this guarantee shall not be affected in any way by any time or other indulgence granted to the Company or by bankruptcy of the Company.
I/We hereby abandon any right which at any time I/we have under the existing or future law of Jersey whether by virtue of “Droit de Discussion” or otherwise, to require that recourse be had to the assets of the Company before any claim is enforced against me/us and, I/we hereby undertake that if sued, and the Company is not sued also, I/we shall not claim that the Company be made a party to such proceedings.
If there are two guarantors, each guarantor shall be jointly and severally liable under this guarantee and hereby abandons any right under the existing or future law of Jersey whether by virtue of the “Droit de Division” or otherwise to require that any liability under this guarantee is divided or apportioned with any other person or reduced in any manner.

I have read and understand the TERMS and CONDITIONS

CONDITIONS OF SALE Any new list generated cancels all previous ones. All drinks are offered subject to availability E & OE and orders are accepted at the discretion of Randalls Limited.
All quotations are subject to goods being available and may be altered or cancelled without prior notice. Goods will be invoiced at the prices ruling on the date of delivery. All prices are exclusive of GST.
TERMS NETT MONTHLY – Settlement of accounts is required by 30th day of the succeeding month following the date of Invoice and we reserve the right to charge interest of 2% per month on overdue accounts.
All goods should be examined upon receipt, and any loss reported to the Company within three days, otherwise no claim will be entertained.
Ownership of the goods to be supplied shall remain the property of Randalls Limited until the buyer has paid in full all monies outstanding to the Company.
If for any reason, other than a justified quality complaint, goods have to be returned, the labels, capsule and bottle have to be in perfect condition to be accepted. Vintage must be the one currently selling.
Some products are held in small quantities; therefore, stock and vintage may not always be available.
Should quantities be required for a specific date, then please advise in good time, allowing stock to be reserved or ordered.
To encourage our commitment to the environment, invoices and statements are available via e-mail, and orders can be placed by or Tel:01534 836748

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